Real-Time Relay #1

The SCCC had its first meeting on 21 May 2016. There were five (out of ten members) in attendance.

Part of the meeting was a “real-time relay.” Those who bring entries pass them around the circle and they are translated successively into members’ conlangs until they go full circle. Only two members brought entries: Sylvia in Tesseseya, and Jeffrey in τεμεηια. We broke into two teams. (This relay took much longer than I expected.)

The original Tesseseya and τεμεηια texts, the original English, and the final translations are shown below.


Ale meli leya lididata, lidisiyosotatutu haddodo kiyudu. Alenu madoŋetalala nono oŋŋi vabaŋibaŋi sutadu lagi sono pakini niki leyava. Nono dapatadoŋi nodu dabu siŋi medego, dapatadoŋi haddeyi dabu kiyidigo. Nadidabu dabu dadoŋetada legilegi siye, dadoŋetada giyeletahaŋilolose. Lidivateletohono dayase dateneta, lidibalatatoyo nodame duko, liditanitutu nono oŋŋi vabaŋibaŋi haggene gennava.

My son and I went in order to look for rabbits. Then he showed me a large unusual cloud near the tops of the mountains. The big thing had a long piece tall like a tree and it had several horizontal pieces like a platter-basket. The various parts seemed blotchy and dark, and seemed that they were increasing in size. We did not know at all what it was, so we thought we would go along home in order to tell the elders about the large unusual cloud.

My son and I went to look for rabbits. And he showed one big strange cloud over the top of the mountain near me. Part was a tall tree, part was a flat basket, part was rough and dark. It grew. We did not know much about it. We thought to go home and tell the old people about the strange cloud.


ποπο  κοι  καπαρα  κε  ρυπυα  πυμαωεψεωα  κυε.   ξι  κοι  ωαιζα  θαχο  χοκιε.   μιηικε  θατι  κοι  λαοχο  ωε  πυξεξι  θατι  κοι  θυετιχεο.   ψαυ  μεο  ξι  ωε  θυ  κοι  χιεφοα  κε  θυζι  ηαμε  κοι  φυφυα.   ραφει  ωε  κεοφιαηαλα  ζυεχευ  ωεζελολιρι  ξι  ωε  τιηοιπακε  ξι.   λο  ηυπι  χομεα  παψιεχο  ηιαμαχοα  ξιλα  χα  ξι  μαι  λο.   χομεα  μεο  ξι,  κε  ψαυκιθυ  χα  ξι  μαι  λο,  ζεωυ  φυ,  ψε  ξι  μαι  ξουμα.   ποπο  κοι  καπαρα  κοωα!

Popo is a goat who lives in the zoo. She is very happy there. In the daytime it is sunny and in the nighttime it is cool. She has a friend who is a sheep and his name is Fufua. Boys and girls visit her and pet her. They give her snacks to eat. She has more food than she should eat but she eats it all. Popo is a fat goat!

Popo was a goat who lived in a zoo. He was a happy animal. At various times of the day it was sunny, and at various times of the night it was cool. He was friends with a sheep named Vuvuva. Some boys and girls came and petted the animal and gave it a lot of little bits of food that ought to be eaten by animals, and it ate all the food. Popo was one fat goat.