April 2017 Meeting

Our April meeting was rather small, even with David Skype-ing in for an hour.

Marlowe talked about his language, Dyrellí. It has over a thousand words already. It is a SOV, noun-centric language, with verbs formed by prefixing the noun with a personal pronoun. It has two tenses (future and non-future) and two aspects (progressive and perfective).

Brian spoke about his language, Lortho, which can be seen on conworkshop.info. It is an agglutinative VSO language with ten cases.

Jeffrey continues to work on Beltös, especially the conculture and sociolinguistic elements.

Early in the afternoon, we had a short conlang translation exercise, somewhat like a micro-relay.

Our next meeting will be in the summer, most likely in the Los Angeles area, but not at the end of July lest it conflict with LCC7 in Calgary.

A bientôt!