January 2017 Meeting

The SCCC met at the end of January on the UCLA campus. Those who attended talked about their current conlang projects.

Adnan has been working on his conlang Coina. It is based on Latin, Greek and Sanskrit. He has been considering incorporating features of Arabic grammar, as well as some Arabic vocabulary, into the language.

Sylvia’s current project is Xunumi Wudu. This is an evolution of her previous conlang, Tesseseya. At this point, she has just finished coming up with sentences that illustrate the usages of the language’s 38 verbs.

Madeline has a relatively new language called Magwābon. She has been translating excerpts/summaries from the Star Wars saga, and she showed us a new handwritten script for the language.

Jeffrey has been working on the description of the culture of the people of Beltös. This has been taking a lot more time than he thought it would, as cultures have many aspects that can affect the language in numerous ways.

We all also discussed some of the books on the LCS lending library’s wish list, and which ones Sylvia (the LCS librarian) should order.

The meeting concluded with a dinner at one of the local restaurants near Westwood Plaza.

The next meeting should be at the end of April or early in May.